This one is dead simple to make and so, so tasty and there’s enough gravy left to do a great stir fry. You can make this one as hot as you like by adding more chillies but we don’t recommend adding more paste.


This is a new one for us, so we may tweak this one but it’s a good curry with smooth and thick sauce. We’d probably dice the sweet potatoe bigger as it doesn’t take as long to cook but it scored an 8/10.

Sometimes you just need a smooth texture and Passata is just the stuff to replace a can of chopped toms, cheaper too!

We picked this up for £20 and while we could have done with a slightly larger one it does the trick. It’s worth popping some work surface protection under it before you start as they do scratch everything in sight when you get mashing.

Without a doubt this is our most refined recipe, tweaked with an inch of its life to get it as close as possible to what you get in the top restaurants, dead proud of this one.

We picked this up a while again with a view to stop buying Curry Leaves and just popping a few sprigs of this in instead, there’s a lot of confusing info on the internet about what’s it good for and tastes like but we’ll start by using it sparingly and report our findings later.

This is our favourite madras to cook in the SloMo and our first attempt at writing it up so be gentle with us.