Pestle and Mortar

We picked this up for £20 and while we could have done with a slightly larger one it does the trick. It’s worth popping some work surface protection under it before you start as they do scratch everything in sight when you get mashing.



  1. I used to have one of those! Mind you they’re a lot cheaper over here (Netherlands). Although I like the heavy pounding action (!), the weight of the pestle sort of does the job for you, I just was too lazy. I used it primarily for Thai pastes until I found great fresh ready made pastes in the oriental markets ‘around the corner’. Now I ‘make do’ with those and otherwise use a combination of blender, a cheapo Krupps rip-off coffee/spice grinder and a porcelain mortar’n’pestle. Another thing I didn’t like was the grey dust it gave off, even after prepping it… helps with the grinding though 😉

    1. Can’t beat a good grind 🙂

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