Category Thee Machines

Pestle and Mortar

We picked this up for £20 and while we could have done with a slightly larger one it does the trick. It’s worth popping some work surface protection under it before you start as they do scratch everything in sight when you get mashing. Advertisements

Thee Crusher

We must have gone through about 20 garlic presses but this one is the business.


Not cheap but worth getting, holds the heat and makes for a steady cook. This pan will last you forever if you take care of it.

Rice Cooker

OK, we know what your thinking but trust us, once you’ve started using one you’ll never go back. Perfect rice every single time and way better than the packet crap.

Thee SloMo

This is our SloMo, there are many like it but this one is ours, ideal for two greedy portions or 4 slim ones.